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    About us

    Arctos Travel AG is a Swiss company. Our team consists of specialists for Arctic and Antarctic expeditions, who have known each other for years and have often worked together in ice and snow.Together we combine our experience in organizing and carrying out expeditions to the polar regions of our earth.We know the destinations at the end of the world - they are our second home.

    We are aware of the fragility of these beautiful ice worlds and therefore we move responsibly in them with ships that have little draught, are agile and functional.Exactly those small ships that make it possible to experience nature up close and personal with goosebump moments.

    We are convinced that there is a suitable ship and polar expedition for everyone.Be it the luxury version, the middle class ship or the basic version with the discoverer feeling.Together with us you will find the right polar experience for you.

    Your Arctos Team

    Marcel Schütz

    Guide, Consulting & IT

    Christian Bruttel

    Guide & Consulting