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    Antarctic Peninsula

    The Antarctic Peninsula - finger pointing from the South Pole

    If you want to have a lasting impression of the Southern Polar region, visit the Antarctic Peninsula. Here you will find icebergs, glaciers, penguins, seals and a primal, untamable climate. A peace, which can only be found at the end of the world.

    Between sea and mountain

    The Antarctic Peninsula points north like a finger. It stretches 1200 kilometers from Antarctica towards Tierra del Fuego. It is a wild area in the world, even though it has the mildest climate in Antarctica with an average of three degrees in summer.

    To the north is the Drake Passage; sailors speak of it in awe and those who have passed it receive a nod of recognition. For all others there is a direct flight from South America.

    On the Antarctic Peninsula you can expect mountains over 3000 meters high, from which glaciers roll down to the sea. Mighty is the Larsen ice shelf in the west and the ice fields in front of the Bellingshausen Sea. The ice is omnipresent on a journey to the Antarctic.

    Island hopping off the Antarctic Peninsula

    Data & Facts:

    • 1.200.000 km² Land area
    • ca. 0 Population
    • Capital / main town: King Georg Island
    • Ø +3°C in summer time
    • Ø -15°C in winter time
    • Currency: Dollar & Euro
    • Time zone: UTC - 3

    Find the right ship for you

    Being on the ship that suits you is just as important as choosing the right destination.

    Active and comfortable

    Ships with 12 to 170 passengers, which offer a certain comfort and service, but still allow guests to experience the nature of the polar regions at first hand. During the daily activities, each guest can individually join a group of their fitness level.

    With luxury and style

    You will travel the polar regions with ships that offer the traveler every imaginable wish for service, quality and comfort on board. Here, too, shore excursions and outings provide a close-up polar experience.

    Schip category
    Schip category

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