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    Travel to Greenland - feel like a Viking

    The largest island in the world offers something for everyone; on a Greenland cruise you can experience Inuit culture, get a feeling why the Norsemen were drawn here. Or be overwhelmed by the unique natural surroundings.

    Experience Greenland on a cruise

    "Greenland" - " the green land". This is what the first Vikings called the island when they arrived here from Iceland. The dense grass, numerous flowers and a comparatively mild climate in the Middle Ages were like a promise of a golden future. Anyone exploring Greenland on a cruise today can easily understand this; the temperatures in the south and west are pleasant and some secluded bays seem to have not changed since the Viking era.

    Greenland is characterised by two things. On the one hand there are the people. For not only the Vikings lived here; the Inuit, Greenland's indigenous people, have adapted their way of life to the specific conditions. They lived and still live from fishing, hunting and today also from the extraction of mineral resources and the visitors to their island.

    On a Greenland cruise you will come into contact with their culture from the past and present as well as their present way of life. The red, yellow and blue houses are beautiful to look at and contrast the not always easy living conditions of the people here.

    Travel to Greenland and discover the Arctic

    Data & Facts:

    • 2.166.000 km² Land area
    • ca. 55.800 Population
    • Capital / main town: Nuuk
    • Ø +15°C in summer time
    • Greenlandic & Danish
    • Currency: DKK (Danish kroner)
    • Time zone: UTC 0 bis UTC-4
    • Telephone area code: 00299

    Schip category

    Active and comfortable on the way

    Ships with 12 to 170 passengers, which offer a certain comfort and service, but still allow guests to experience the nature of the polar regions at first hand. During the daily activities, each guest can individually join a group of their fitness level.

    MV Plancius in Greenland
    Iceberg in Greenland
    In Greenland
    On the way with a boat in Greenland
    Plancius in Greenland
    Icebergs in Greenland
    Greenlandic Settlement