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    North Pole

    With the ship on North Pole journey

    It's just a point in the ocean. Still, a North Pole cruise has its own appeal. At 90° North you are at the top of the world. At least at one of them...

    Through the pack ice of the Arctic Ocean

    The first people came to the North Pole in 1926. However, Umberto Nobile, Roald Amundsen and Lincoln Ellsworth had arrived with an airship and only flew over it. Only in 1968 the first people reached the North Pole on foot. Yes, it has always been more difficult to get to the northern intersection of longitudes than to the South Pole. And it was to last until 1977, when for the first time an icebreaker and therefore a ship travelling over water made a stop at the North Pole.

    A trip to the North Pole - this has long captured people's imagination. Nobody knew what was to be found up there: a continent? A zone of warm water? A green island? It took a long time before people were certain that the North Pole was not on solid land, but in the middle of the sea, on a huge expanse of pack ice. And it's constantly moving. A visit to the North Pole therefore has something both fleeting and unique about it. By the way, under the pole, the sea is 4261 meters deep.

    =========== It needs power for a North Pole journey

    Of course you could walk to the North Pole. If you bring a lot of time, the appropriate equipment and constitution, it is possible. You just must not miss your course, sometimes you have to overcome several meters high barriers of pack ice pushed together and wedged into each other. Or jump from ice floe to ice floe. Do not fall into the water!

    Data & Facts:

    • 0 km² Land area
    • Ø +2°C in summer time
    • Ø -25°C in winter time
    Map of North Pole

    Schip category

    Active and comfortable on the way

    Ships with 12 to 170 passengers, which offer a certain comfort and service, but still allow guests to experience the nature of the polar regions at first hand. During the daily activities, each guest can individually join a group of their fitness level.

    Directions at the North Pole
    Ice Spotlight of the ship 50 Years of Victory
    Expeditionship 50 Years of Victory at the North Pole
    Iceswimming on the Northpole
    On Deck the expeditionship 50 Years of Victory
    Together at the North Pole
    50 Years of Victory - Let Pobedy