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    Russian Arctic

    Discovering the Arctic on a trip to Russia

    Nowhere has the Arctic more room to present all its many facets than in the Russian Arctic. And nowhere else can you feel more like an explorer - it is a world that's only just opening up to visitors.

    On Russian Cruise in the Arctic Ocean

    Russia is huge. The icy north is unbelievably big. From Murmansk in the west to Kamchatka on the Pacific there is so much to see - a human life is hardly enough for that. On top of that, this corner of the world was a restricted area for decades, closed off during the Cold War. At best, as a soldier or castaway, one could only be amazed by these wonders. Today, however, you can take a holiday here. However, travelling to the Russian Arctic is still something special and the pearls of the Russian Arctic are waiting to be discovered by you.

    Travel to the arctic highlights of Russia

    If you want to go high up, Franz-Josef-Land is the right place for you. Here the northernmost point of Eurasia is at 81°51' (i.e. 81 degrees, 51 minutes). You can almost look to the North Pole. Almost. On Franz-Josef-Land, named after the husband of Austrian Empress Sissi, the climate is harsh. More than 80 percent of the archipelago is covered by ice. In addition, the pack ice holds Franz-Josef-Land firmly in its grip for most of the year.

    Steeply rising bare rocks alternate with glacier walls. The relatively warm water and the cold ice masses often create fog, which puts the visitor in a mystical mood. Here you can feel the power of nature, the proximity to the North Pole.

    Data & Facts:

    • Capital / main town: Murmansk
    • Ø +10°C in summer time
    • Ø -20°C in winter time
    • Russian
    • Currency: RUB (Russian Ruble)
    • Time zone: UTC + 2 bis UTC + 12
    • Telephone area code: 007

    Schip category

    Active and comfortable on the way

    Ships with 12 to 170 passengers, which offer a certain comfort and service, but still allow guests to experience the nature of the polar regions at first hand. During the daily activities, each guest can individually join a group of their fitness level.

    Polarbears - Franz Josef Land
    Walruss, Franz Josef Land
    Polar Bear
    Polarbears - Franz Josef Land
    Franz Josef Land - landscape
    Polarer on the seaice
    Polar Bears on the Ice