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    Expedition ships

    Arctos Travel Expedition Vessels in the Arctic & Antarctic

    Being on the ship that suits you is just as important as choosing the right destination.

    Adventurous and authentic

    Adventurous and authentic The ships are small and offer little to no comfort or luxury. The closeness to nature and incomparable flexibility of a trip in a group of 10-30 passengers characterize these ships.

    Active and comfortable

    Ships with 12 to 170 passengers, which offer a certain comfort and service, but still allow guests to experience the nature of the polar regions at first hand. During the daily activities, each guest can individually join a group of their fitness level.

    With luxury and style

    You will travel the polar regions with ships that offer the traveler every imaginable wish for service, quality and comfort on board. Here, too, shore excursions and outings provide a close-up polar experience.