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    Why should I book with Arctos Travel?

    How young or fit do I have to be to participate in an expedition cruise?

    What is the advantage of the "big round" in Antarctica?

    Which ship is right for me?

    Are all activities included on board, or do I have to book excursions specifically in advance?

    What is a small ship?

    Are rubber boots available on board the ship?

    Do I have to book the flight on my own?

    Should I stop for an overnight stay on my journey?

    If I am traveling alone, do I also have the option of sharing a cabin?

    Do guests from all over the world come on board?

    What do I use as a means of payment on arrival and on board?

    How much space do I have for myself and my luggage in the cabin?

    How much luggage can I take with me?

    Do I need to wear formal clothes on board?

    What kind of weather can I expect in the polar regions?

    How cold does it get in the Arctic in summer?

    How cold will it be in Antarctica during our winter?

    Is ther Wifi on board?

    Can I be reached on my cell phone while on the expedition?

    Satellite phone

    Is there a clinic and a doctor on board?

    Sea sickness

    Is there medication on board?

    What travel insurance do I need for an expedition cruise?

    More questions?

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